general english courses


Western Academy is pleased to offer General English courses for all. The English program at Western Academy will help hone your skills and increase your confidence using the English language in both professional and individual settings.

Our General English training program will improve your practical communication skills in speaking and writing as well as reading and listening and, and of course, your fluency and grammatical accuracy. Increase your confidence in using your language skills by taking this course in English for daily use in a supportive environment.

Our qualified, expert and friendly teachers will give you the individual attention you need with regular test and one- -one attention. You’ll have the chance to practice your spoken English in discussions, debates, role-plays and pair work. Classroom activities at Western Academy are designed for learning in small groups, pairs, and as a whole class using a range of different practice activities.

Type of Our Courses

  • Basic General English (Duration 1 month) (AUD 350)

    This level has been designed for those who are familiar to English language and who have some vulnerability to the language, but not sufficient to express their views and feelings. They have not enough knowledge of grammar and incorrect sentences construction. They make sentences using wrong tenses. Vocabulary is weak of these students. The importance would be on grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation. This level contains the basics of vocabulary along with the application of the same using correct tenses, in short sentences.

    • Key Features of Our Basic Course
      • Improve accuracy in Grammar
      • Expand vocabulary
      • Development of reading skills
      • Correct pronunciation
      • Art of Conversation
      • Communication in English in day to day Situations
  • Advanced General English (Duration 2 months) (AUD 350)

    This level has specially designed to improve the fluency of English language. The contents include the study of idiomatic English and phrases. They are also introduced on an open platform for public speaking which helps them to face variety of challenges from every aspect of life. This course is useful for the students who have confidence in grammar and can speak well but not very fluently and they will lack in confidence when they are communicating with others.

    • Key Features of Our Advanced Courses
      • Build oratory skills
      • Difference between verbal & non-verbal communication
      • Appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases
      • Overcoming roadblocks of communication
      • Art of Conversation
      • Role of listening, understanding & feedback

Features Of Our Training Program

  • Completely assisted by our well experienced and expert trainers.
  • Rigorous training and practice of all four modules. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • A solid focus on grammar.
  • Improve your everyday English
  • The customized study material provided
  • Interactive sessions & personal attention.
  • Discussion sessions with the faculty.
  • Flexible schedules with weekend and weekday batches.
  • Smart Learning trips and activities
  • Regular assessments and tutorials
  • E-study material provided